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database # USE ;
Tellen # select count (*) from ;
Backup # mysqldump >filenaam.sql
Selecteren # select from ;
Update # update SET ='<...>' where ='...';
bijv. update PERSONS SET name='laura' where lastname='Tie';


Change MySQL password for other user

SELECT ID, user_login, user_pass FROM (name-of-table); look for the user ID
UPDATE (name-of-table-you-found) SET user_pass = MD5(' ') WHERE ID = (id#-of-account-you-are-reseting-password-for); actually changes the password, and create the MD5 hash
If you can;t use MD5 in sql:
  1. Create a file passws.txt with the new password in it (and *nothing* else)
  2. md5sum wp.txt
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